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Thursday, October 26, 2017

'Pooky' and his hooman making their best friend handshakes (so darn cute)

ACG • Adorable Munchkin Cat loves to give high five and handshakes to his human
"I want to take him and caress his belly for watching him trying to attack me with his tiny legs."
"è stupendo! Crasso e coccolone! Lo voglio"
"Aaaaay! Que cosa mas bonita y esponjosaaa."
"Q coisa mais encantadora."
"Das übe ich mit der Miamaus."
"Perché questo è super ciccione e non ha la faccia incazzata."
"Quand tu as réussi à dresser ton Chat mieux que ton chien et qu'en plus, il est adorable."
[Video Source: littlemunchiepooky:]