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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

"No plant is safe from 'Luna', even the cactus" (PURRrminator is back!)

ACG • Crazy Cat biting and rubbing his face on cactus Purrminator is back
"I understand what you say, I have all my plants away from my Cat"
"My Cat too, she loves my cactus and she eats it."
"I think this cactus have 'soft' thorns? We once had a cactus and I touched it, it didn't hurt, it was very soft."
" P.S.: I gave the cactus 🌵 away to my neighbor right after this happened."
"I  love having plants in the house, particularly succulents, since they are gorgeous and easy to take care of. However, my cats have picked up the habit of eating them! They aren't toxic plants, thank goodness, but it's not good for them and now my cacti are chewed little stubs."
"Ja estou seguindo neste exato momento. Eu pensando em cactos como uma opção de sobrevivência da planta, livre dos gatos e pah!"
"jajajajajajajaja le voy a pillar uno!"
Quand ton Chat est tellement en manque d'affection qu'il en arrive à faire des câlins à ton mini cactus, c'est grave, là.
[Video Source: sf_meow]