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Sunday, November 19, 2017

"Even if it don't fits... I SITS!" Maru gets into the goldfish bowl (It is already 'Cat Art')

ACG • Funny Maru gets into the small goldfish bowl  Even if  it don't fits I sits haha
"Goldfish Mode activated."
"It's a lovely Buddhist Cat bouquet. Maru is on the highest level of Zen Meditation."
"That cannot be comfortable, but he looks so happy there, funny Maru."
"Yep, It doesn't look comfortable but Cat has to do what Cat has to do! Because Cat."
Quand Maru a décidé coûte que coûte de s'asseoir dans l'aquarium, mais qu'il a perdu tout sens des proportions.
[Video Source: maru mugumogu]