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Friday, November 17, 2017

"When your work alarm goes off in the morning and....

ACG • Cute Cat sleeping on Mom's arm. Don't move, you're my fav pillow
... you ask bae to come back to bed for "Just five more minutes"" .
The Cat is like: "Excuse me human, where do you think you're going with MY pillow?"
"How many times have I been lay because my Kitty was in the mood to snuggle."
"jajajajajajjaja con la comida me hace así. Para que le de carne me agarra la mano."
"Así son mis gatos duermen SOBRE mi mano"
Quand ton Chat a décrété qu'aujourd'hui sera jour férié et que tu n'iras pas bosser : "Tu restes ici, tu ne bouges pas, on est pas bien sur le canapé, tous les deux ?"
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