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Friday, November 17, 2017

CATastrophe! Clumsy Cat swimming and crawling on round clothes drying racks

ACG • Clumsy Cat swimming and crawling on clothes hangers American ninja warriors Cat edtion
"That looks like American ninja warriors, "Cat edition"
"Yo intentando superar los obstáculos de mi puta vida!"
"Get the hell outta my closet fuck*ng Catrobat!"
"These freshly washed clothes don't have enough cat hair on them, must fix that NOW while exercising. I can multitask."
"Jetzt nicht mehr, hahaha."
"Quand ton Chat galère autant sur tes séchoirs à linge que toi dans tes études ou ta vie professionnelle, c'est la cata, quoi :/"
[Video Source: EIVwBSrQAazocZJ]