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Monday, October 16, 2017

Awww...dorable Munchkin Kitten running back and forth. "Run Kitty, run!"

ACG • Adorable Munchkin Kitty running back and forth so tiny so fluffy so cute short legs
"Scheiß verfickte Züchtung mit kurzen Beinen finde ich sehr sehr lustig."
"Aww, so much fluff, such tiny legs and funny triangle tail, so cute baby."
"Literally the cutest  ❤️ little thing I've seen: you made my day."
"Ma che adorabile piccolo gattino, lo amo."
"Oh my god, I seriously can't handle this overwhelming cuteness.  I've rewatched this way too many times."
"Lindíssimooo gatitoooo con estas pequeñas patitas :)"
Court... court... adorable petit minou, si je t'attrappe je te fais plein de bisous partout.
[Video Source: yuriyuri4mama]