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Monday, September 4, 2017

*Hunting mode* activated! Amazing & funny Cat wagging his short tail like... a dog!

Hunting mode activated. Amazing and funny Cat wagging his short tail like a dog, haha
“ 'Wally' has an amputated tail that wiggles when he’s happy. Here, he is hunting butterflies in the garden!”
"HaHa, never saw a Cat swinging it's tail so quickly."
"Most cats wag their tail like this when they're hunting and about to pounce. Epically cute with his lil tail :)"
"¿Que hace? No puedo entender ni interpretar el por qué mueve su cola como un perro jajjajajaa!"(está cazando mariposas, jajaja ;)
"Cachorro mesmo! Gato balança a bundinha e não o rabinho."
[Video Source: catsandbeers_]