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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

'Hana' domination: first Big Bro 'Maru', then the World!

CAT GIF • Hana domination: first Big Bro Maru, then the World
"This is the best Sleeve Cat under the Buttocks." 
"'Maru' burrito topped with Hana sauce!"
"They're really funny, and It takes a lot of patience from 'Maru' to tolerate being stuck in a sleeve and being sat on simultaneously."
"I will enter this sleeve, It is a very tight sleeve and warm.
Now it is warmer and heavier. Is that you, 'Hana'? Yes, big Brother, I will keep you warm."
"'Maru' is just so Zen, nothing fazes him but his tail never stops moving."
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