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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Fearless and amazing Cat gets a scooter ride: Weeeeeeeee!

CAT GIF • Fearless and amazing Cat gets a scooter ride like a kid They see me rolling
OMG, cool Cat hanging on his human like a Kid.
“Yeah.. and they see me rollin’, they hatin’ “
[Video Source: ViralHog @]

Crazy CAT GIF • OMG  4 Cats ride alongside motorcyclist down main street
"Riding on a motorcycle is one thing, but doing so with 4 cats as passengers is not a sight one sees every day! The motorcyclist who spotted the strange sight alongside him told that the man can be commonly found on the streets of Hanoi, with his love of cats plain for everyone to see."
[Video Source: Storyful]