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Saturday, July 22, 2017

When a cute Kitten is hypnotized by Mama Cat's tail

ACG • KITTEN GIF • Kitten mesmerized and hypnotized by mama Cat tail falls in its basket
"A cat's tail can be pretty mesmerizing, so much so that this little kitten just couldn't stay standing."
Littéralement hypnotisé par les mouvements de balancier de la queue de sa mère le Chaton finit par perdre l'équilibre.
[Video Source: Tanya Moore]

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Swimming therapy for Cats? You're doing it right, Kitty :)

ACG • KITTEN GIF • Hydrotherapy and swimming therapy for Cats Funny Kitty swimming like a Boss
Who said all Cats hate water?  
Quand ton chaton suit allègrement ses séances de balneothérapie en nageant comme un petit Labrador.
[Video Source: chilli_cattery]

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Watermelon Cat strikes again. "Om Nom Nom, I love fruits."

ACG • CAT GIF • Watermelon Cat strikes again. "Om Nom Nom, I love fruits."
"Well that's one way for Cats to stay cool during hot summer."  "My cats love Watermelon too! They lick it until it is all mealy and dry." "El otro dia tambien vi uno que le gustaba la sandia jaja..."
Quand ton Chat aime le sucre de la pastèque tout autant que toi, voire plus, c'est une honte d'être aussi gourmand.
[Video Source: cutepawsmeow]
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